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The Lost Art of Loving the Fans

What do fans of football and Lord of the Rings have in common? As they left behind the darkened tunnel and stepped onto the bright pitch, the players felt overjoyed that the time had finally come. At last, after all the restrictions, fans were back in the stadium. The roar of the crowd – however…

The Sarcasmonster

The king was once a prince and the prince was once bullied,  He was mocked and mocked until jokes themselves were sullied. So when he lost his father and was crowned king,  He began to feel every joke was a barb aimed at him. Little by little he stamped out all humour,  Until the kingdom…

Twilight of the Emperors

Welcome to the brief inertia before the long fall. That moment where we sense the comfortable weightlessness after the steady crush of upwards motion. The old emperors ruling their respective lands have been overthrown or else their agents have grown fat and absent of duty. We the people raid their cellars and grow drunk on…