A life of rediscovering ancient truth. Truth weathered by the experiences of millions. Wisdom that has endured through all life can throw at it. Wisdom which now calmly gazes at your present moment; confident it will see you through.

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The Lost Art of Grace and Calm

The prominence of DiAngelo and Thunberg is troubling. Their diatribes in video and print have been received gratefully by many. They both enjoy an extreme popularity – a reverence even – from the politically left in the same way Trump enjoys from the die-hard right. Biographies on the two characters typically take a fawning, uncritical … Continue reading The Lost Art of Grace and Calm

The Lost Art of Nuance

Insight. Volume. Pick one. Have you ever tried to shout a message? Like at a concert when you’re right next to someone but it’s so loud you have to shout at the top of your lungs. Almost every word requires a full breath. It’s impossible to utilise the subtleties of intonation. Public discourse seems not … Continue reading The Lost Art of Nuance

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